Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two Great Digital Tools = Infinite Engaging Content

Digital technology is changing the way we teach on a daily basis.  I wanted to share two tools that I found this summer, and am currently using, that will allow my classroom to be more visual and allow students to interact with the visuals in a much more engaging way.  For more information about the rise of Visual Learning read this article from eSchool News.

I show a lot of video clips in my classroom to illustrate examples of the use of The Hero's Journey, it's a major curriculum piece that I use to connect students back into stories and mythology.  To illustrate teaching points I use short scenes from major motion pictures.  But it is tedious to load, scene select and play multiple DVD's during a class.

Now, my days of DVD flipping are over thanks to VideoLan Organization.  This free, downloadable plug-in allows me to choose appropriate scenes from a DVD and record them.  Now I have a digital copy of the scene and I can stop toting my movies back and forth to school and waste time waiting for them to queue up!

That in itself is reason for great celebration.  But, I did not stop there, no way.  I uploaded my video clip to my VoiceThread account.  Using the software, I created a five minute mini-lesson discussing The Hero's Journey and the mythic elements of the video clip.

The best part is I have a teaching tool that allows me to flip my classroom.  I can assign the video for homework, "Go home tonight and watch this five minute video on The Refusal of the Call and be ready to discuss it tomorrow in class and how it relates to the myth of The Frog Prince."  My students will listen to the lecture at home and I can help them at school when they apply the concepts in small group and independently.

I think the combination of these two tools will make this school year much more exciting and compelling for my students.  I hope you get a chance to try it out.  Let me know how it works out for you by either commenting here or @TheHeadKnuckle on Twitter.  You're more than welcome to provide feedback on our Facebook page Creativity 2.0.

Follow the link below to see how I created a video lecture in just a few minutes with free software!

Refusal of the Call in the Hero's Journey

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