Friday, June 29, 2012

Mashing and Mixing in the Classroom: Make Your Own Story

A Brazilian advertising firm did a brilliant job remixing Star Wars Legos.  It would be a great day in the classroom to have students take a scene from a favorite book or movie and rebuild that scene using toys from home.
Using these scenes as a template, the students could take a photo of their remixed scene.  All the pictures in the class could be combined into a digital photo book using Animoto, Flipsnack, Simple Booklet or Booktype.

To take the idea to another level outside of the ELA classroom have students bring in toys or Lego's to represent different processes in your class.

How do a Rubik's Cube, GI Joe, My Little Pony and Lego Star Wars represent the different features of the lobes of the brain?

Students could make a visual, take a picture and then use a tool like VoiceThread to record their explanation.  If you are using iPads in the classroom you could use the app Explain Everything.

By changing the frame of the original intent of the toy you have students creating and thinking on a different level.  The first key to creativity is to see concepts from a different perspective and those perspectives are what we need in the world today.

LEGO Star Wars “Make your own story”, a clever ad campaign by the Brazilian advertising school Escola Cuca.
All images via Ads of the World

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