Thursday, August 2, 2012

Active, Independent, Producer: Student 2.0

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Last year I experimented with recording my lectures so that students could access them at anytime:  for review, if they were absent, for homework if time ran out in class. Unfortunately the recording of lectures for homework has become the one aspect of the flipped classroom most teachers attack with a zombie grip of death.

To be clear, in my opinion, a flip classroom is one in which students are active independent producers not passive dependent consumers.  I do my best, though not always successful, to make sure that is the environment my students create in, recording lectures seems to be one good way to make more time for creation.

In the spirit of creation, combining and remixing, I took some resources that I have used in the past, my screencasts and some other videos I found on The Hero's Journey and mixed them together in MentorMob.

This is a playlist that my students can use this year to build their schema for the Hero's Journey as we dive into Greek Mythology, story analysis, fiction writing, character development, personal development and metaphor.  Wow, just writing that is getting me jazzed up for the new school year!

Working through this process has got me thinking about areas of the curriculum I may have, to put it lightly, glossed over in the past.  The biggest frustration that I have had with my curriculum is the abandonment of grammar the past few years; it's been pushed into the abyss.

I am going to fix that this year using MentorMob, google docs, and screencasting.  The principle behind the idea will be to find examples of grammar in what they are reading and what they are writing.  I am going to create short MentorMob playlists about each grammar concept, embed a scavenger hunt type aspect to the project and then students are going to create an archive of their understanding of grammar.

I do not foresee much direct teaching of grammar this year, like usual, but by making students active independent producers that have a chance to share their learning I think I can build in some love for the building blocks of language.

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