Friday, July 17, 2015

Influx - Book Review

InfluxInflux by Daniel Suarez

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Influx is the literary equivalent of the summer blockbuster movie. Large, explosive scenes layered with placeholder characters running around trying to stop the latest armageddon moment caused by irresponsible use of human innovation.

Daniel Suarez seems to have a solid science background and jams everything he knows about current and future technologies in one novel. Jon Grady, a self-taught physics genius, invents a way to reflect gravity. This breakthrough draws the attention of the clandestine government agency Bureau of Technology Control (BTC).

Grady is locked away in Hibernity, a super-prison that holds the world genius's of the past thirty years. Thus begins Grady's journey to escape, bring down the BTC and free the unfairly persecuted scientists.

The concepts are huge, awesome moments that really stretch the imagination. Unfortunately, like a Michael Bay film, the flimsy characters, bad dialogue and all, proverbially "jump the shark." The novel is entertaining and if you can, like you do watching the overhyped summer flick, suspend most of your higher order thinking skills, you will find the novel enjoyable.

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